Hi, I’m Caroline and welcome to Sweetest Hour. I’m a passionate home cook and always in the look out for fresh and flavorful recipes. I believe that sharing food with others help maintain happiness and a sense of belonging. My philosophy to food is eat what makes you happy!

I love to cook for my family and friends. Most of the time challenging myself in making food that I’ve never made before or food that I really miss back home – usually requested by my family and friends. Cooking is a stress relief activity for me and it makes me happy to see happy faces when it comes to food – my food to be exact!

I like to travel and sample foods a country has to offer. It also helps draw inspiration in my next cook. I started this blog to keep track of all successful recipes I’ve tested and to share these recipes with you. Hope you’ll find this site helpful to kick start your home cooking journey. So let’s get cracking!

A Tiny Bit About Me!

Born in Malaysia and moved to Sydney a few years ago. I grew up in a country where food is abundance and an important part of our daily lives. We can just go out anytime of the day and get any food that we want to eat. Not to mention my mom’s cooking – yumm…

Not after moving to Australia that I realised I miss Malaysian food so much, especially my mom’s cooking. There are lots of restaurants that sell Malaysian food but it’s just not the same – though I do have some restaurants that I like going for authentic Malaysian food which I would also share in my blog.

I took a lot of inspirations from my travels. So other than Malaysian foods, I also cook/bake dishes from countries that I’ve visited.

I hope you find something here that would inspire you to start cooking and eat what makes you happy! – xx Caroline