Jian’s Birthday Party

Last Saturday little Jian celebrated his 4th birthday. He is a super fan of Spiderman according to his dad, Ian. So there’s no surprise that Ian had to have a Spiderman cake for Jian’s birthday.

I have never been to a Filipino party before so I am really looking forward to it. I’ve read before that Filipino party is all about making sure that food is enough and have enough space to accommodate everyone – and they were right! Food was plenty with ample space to move around.

It was another hot day and the party was held at Fairfield Adventure Park in the western suburb of Sydney. Temperature in this area is fairly hotter than the eastern suburb. So I’ve decided to make a cream cheese frosting for the cake but remain with American buttercream for the cupcakes (wrong move).

It took us about 30 mins to get there via the M4 western motorway and it costs about A$4.93 per trip. Toll rates are getting more and more expensive each year and we would expect an annual increase for the M4 motorway on 1st January. Yaiks!

I have never been to this park before and oh boy I was really impressed with the facilities at the playground. This well maintained park was opened in 2015. They have 3 big slides, sand pits and swings, and they even have obstacle course plus other interesting facilities. Perfect for older kids. Across the street is the Fairfield Leisure Centre and next to it is the Fairfield Youth & Community Centre. You can check out this blog for more details and some awesome photos of the park!

According to Ian, he only managed to book one table so he came in as early as 6am to book the table next to it! That’s what you do for your kid! The effort paid off because it was the perfect spot plus he really needed that big of a space for the mighty Lechon!

Lechon Baboy
Lechon Baboy – A Must in Important Events & Celebrations

There were plenty of delicious food, from mini sushi rolls, wraps, fried chicken, salad to traditional Filipino food like humba, pancit palabok, leche flan, carioca, and lastly the lechon baboy. Not forgetting the chocolate cake and lemon cupcakes!

Ian is a good cook. He made this delicious leche flan for morning tea at work before and it was yummm!! He made it again for Jian’s birthday party and it was a hit. He also has a youtube channel for little Jian called Jian TV. You can check out Jian’s BIG4 birthday celebration video below.

Even though it was a hot day, it was compensated with some breezes. I left around 3.30pm but the host continued the party until the night with a karaoke session – at home 🙂

I would recommend this park for families especially families with older kids. So check the place out someday!

Location: Vine Street, Fairfield NSW 2165

Celebrating Jian’s BIG 4 with FriendsLovely Family


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