Burger Point

I have decided that my first restaurant review would be a burger place located at Wentworth Point. Why? Because I have been there twice lately and I find that they serve pretty good burgers.

Burger Fun Fact:

The Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) “Aussie Burger” has tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, bacon, beetroot, egg, ketchup and a meat patty.

Credit: https://beef2live.com

Burger Point is located at Marina Square, Wentworth Point. I came to know about this restaurant when I was having a walk across the Bennelong Bridge one fine day. The restaurant is located at the corner of Marina Square facing the bridge. It’s only about less than 100m walk after you’ve crossed the bridge. The restaurant looked fresh and clean from the outside so I thought I would give it a try.

After further research, Burger Point actually started with it’s first restaurant at Marsden Park. Timothy and Liezl Casaje opened it’s first restaurant in November 2016. Both have background in hospitality and originally from the Philippines. So no wonder their menu includes some mouth watering Filipino flavors. They have a 4.3 stars in Google review.

We went there on a Saturday night around 7PM. The restaurant wasn’t busy at all, only a couple of table that was occupied. There were a few people waiting for their order in front of the counter so I assume they do a lot of takeaways.

It’s a self service restaurant so we ordered at the counter. They don’t have a huge selection of food but I think it’s just nice for a restaurant that size. They don’t just sell burgers and fries, they also have chicken wings, pork belly and salad. To be honest, they have more choices than Burger Project and they don’t sell alcohol. They also serve some Filipino flavored dishes like Jolly BP (traditional Filipino spaghetti with sausages), Halo Halo (Filipino shaved ice sundae) and Ube (purple yam) milkshakes.

Ordering at the Counter

The restaurant is spacious, clean and comfortable. They have a designated area for water, cutlery and the sauces. Next to it is the hand wash area. No washroom but you can definitely use the one in the mall. The staff are also friendly and helpful.

Cutlery, Water & Sauce Area. Next to It Is the Hand Wash Area

As for the waiting time, we waited at least 15 mins for our meals. I find that burgers are ready earlier than the wings. As for the price, I find it slightly pricey. For a combo meal, i.e. double beef patty burger + fries + soft drinks = $25 (comparison with Burger Project).

What We Ordered and What We Thought:


  • Marvin Glazed (A$18)
    • This is a burger with double beef patty, house pickles, signature burger sauce, doughnut glazed bun topped with grated cheddar and maple bacon bits. You can see the perfectly charred patty with some of the sauce oozing out. As for the grated cheese on top, I think we would prefer more bacon bits and less cheese. First bite was just heaven – juicy and deliciously moist. Though I think you really needed the fries to help soak up the greasiness of the burger but that’s just a personal preference. My verdict? 4 stars!
  • Big Boss (A$18)
    • This is a double beef patty burger, with double maple glazed bacon, double American cheese, BP sauce and house pickles. When it first arrived on the table, all I can say is HUGE! Well, we’ve paid $18 for this so quite happy with the size. Then the smell, OMG! It’s like we’re in a BBQ event! Sooo good. This is a best dressed burger – oozing out sauce, strips of perfectly grilled sticky bacon nestled between two juicy and deliciously moist beef patties. What more can I say? It’s a perfect 5/5 from me.

Chicken wings:

  • Southern Fried Wings (A$14)
    • These wings are fried, southern style in herb and spices, served with gravy. At first glance they looked pretty normal, nothing interesting. I was hoping for a flavorful and juicy wings. They nailed it on the juicy part but taste wise, they are a bit bland. I reckon the wings needed a bit more salt. The gravy was quite disappointing to be honest. I was told that it’s a garlic gravy but the garlic was quite mild and the taste of flour was quite strong. So I had to give a 2 stars for these wings.
  • Grilled Smokey & Sticky Wings (A$14)
    • These are marinated chicken wings in sweet paprika and sticky glaze. It was a toss up between this and the signature buffalo wings but I ended up with the smokey wings. These wings are definitely smokey and sticky. However, it needed more salt! On the other hand, the glaze was too sweet. The wings would have been perfect if they have a perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness. I still enjoyed it regardless. For these wings, I’m giving a 3 stars out of 5.

Drinks & desserts

  • Purple Dulce Milkshake (A$7)
    • Milkshake with a twist. I’m pretty sure this is a Filipino dessert inspired milkshake. The purple from the milkshake came from Ube, a purple yam originated from the Philippines. This milkshake tasted yum! I like my milkshake slightly thicker and very cold – This milkshake had both. One of the best milkshake I had in Sydney. 5 stars!
  • Halo Halo (A$12)
    • This is a concoction of crushed ice, evaporated milk, and various ingredients like bananas, jelly, beans, ube ice cream etc. A famous Filipino dessert. It is very similar to Malaysian ABC. This is the ultimate treat in a hot summer day or any hot day. They are delightfully sweet and satisfying. My brother said it could do with more toppings but I loved it! However, I find it quite pricey. Having said that, it’s a 5/5 stars from me!

The restaurants started to fill up around 7.45PM. We left there with a very full stomach. Lucky for us, we can loose some calories by walking home, just across the bridge.

A View on the Way Home

In Conclusion:

Burger Point is definitely a place that I would come back for the burgers, desserts and the milkshakes. As for the chicken wings, I guess there are other places that would serve tastier wings but I have yet to discover one in Sydney. I wish the price could be slightly cheaper. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience at Burger Point and a perfect spot for groups or a casual date night. For this, I’m giving them a rating of 4 stars!

Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

(Disclaimer: All opinions on this post are my own. Any information provided in this blog is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. Any information relied on in this post is at your own discretion.)

More About Burger Point:

  1. Menu: Click Here
  2. Location 1:
    • MARSDEN PARK, 24/9 Hollinsworth Rd
    • Opening Hours: 10.00AM-8.30AM
    • Phone: (02) 8809 5427
  3. Location 2:
    • WENTWORTH POINT, Shop 322 Marina Square / 5, Footbridge Blvd
    • Opening Hours: 10.00AM-9.00AM
    • Phone: (02) 8593 9817
  4. Online Order: Yes – Uber Eats.
  5. Bookings: No – Walk-ins only.
  6. Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly: No – but they have a vegetarian burger (Mary Mo).
  7. Gluten Free: No.
  8. Website: Click Here
  9. FB: Click Here
  10. IG: Click Here


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